Course Descriptions

Invisibility and Hide & Seek

Ash, dirt, mud, clay, leaves, twigs, coal, and bark. You will be getting dirty using primitive camouflage techniques which will help you disappear into your natural surroundings.

Stick Throwing

The sound of a drum in the distance. Blindfolded and silently stalking. To help become silent when moving you will learn a primitive barefooted step called the Fox Walk. There will be a few games to test and refine your new step. Following that you will do the Blindfolded Drum Stalk where you will use your Fox Walk to guide yourself toward the sound of the drum.

Stalking and Awareness

Picking up sticks and hitting targets. You will practice throwing sticks at various targets. This is one of the oldest methods for hunting small game such as squirrels and rabbits.

A log, branches, sticks, and debris. Welcome to primitive shelter building basics.


Parents help their children make food from scratch to share. No processed foods at this potluck! After the feast, we typically go for a walk/hike and have some free play. As Coyote Rangers we are caretakers of the natural areas, so when hiking we will safely clean up the trails on our way.

Scratch Kitchen Potluck Feast

Animal Tracks

All different shapes and sizes. You will learn the difference between a few animal tracks, how to tell their direction of travel, and then we will follow a few and see where they take us.


Time to get lost. We will go over basic ways to find or establish landmarks as you go on your hike, know basic directions, and what to do when lost in the wilderness.

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